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About Us

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Delta Sigma Phi is a values-based organization that seeks high-quality men that exemplify the virtues that we cherish. We recruit ambitious men that want to better themselves by impacting the community with their character and good deeds. As an open-minded fraternity, we praise cultural and religious diversity and recruit any quality man that shows an interest in making our fraternity the best on campus.

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi strive to attain the highest average campus GPA as a testament to our stress on the importance of good grades. We believe that a student at Columbia University should place his highest priority on achieving good grades for both himself and his future. Brothers are encouraged to study together and help each other understand the material. Senior brothers also frequently give advice on classes and teachers to aid underclassmen in the selection of the best classes for their respective majors.

Many of our brothers play various varsity sports or are actively involved in intramural sports teams. Our fraternity believes that a student's health is vital to his well-being and is a key component of having a balanced life. Not that every brother is necessarily an athlete, but we all recognize and understand the importance of regularized exercise being an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and try to live so accordingly.

Weekly community service projects are attended by brothers to help make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves. Such events include tutoring children, feeding the homeless, and reading books to hospitalized patients. Brothers also take part in campus activities to foster a greater sense of school spirit. We believe that Delta Sigma Phi has an obligation to enhance not only the lives of all its brothers, but also the lives of all that make up our community.